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Here we will help you put together an evacuation kit for your pets.

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Food and Water

It is important to remember that in a time of chaos and stress, your dogs food does not need to suddenly change. The added stress can cause uncontrolled bowel movements as well as a change in consistency. Just adding to your stress and problems. So you need to pack enough of their food and water for 3-5 days. Or as long as you think necessary. Make it easy on your self take the right size zip-loc bag and put a days supply in each bag. If you feed your dog caned food make sure you have a manual can opener. Make sure you remember to figure in your dogs daily water requirements when you plan for your families needs.

Medicine and Medical Records

In order to maintain the positive effects of medicine. It needs to be administered on time. So make sure you have an ample supply. Also if your dog needs additional medical attention your Veterinarian may not be available, so having a copy of your dogs records can help an attending Vet.

Identification Information

It is important that your dog has some type of identification. If you and your dog become separated, it makes finding your dog at the shelter that much easy er. If you have a micro chipped dog, it will be very easy to identify. You may also have had your dog tattooed. But like they say a Picture is worth a thousand words.

Collars with tags make for a very easy way to identify your dog. As well they give the rescuer information they can use to help with handling your dog. Remember when you call a dog by its name, you pose no threat, and handling is much easier for the rescuers.


Even if your dog is very well behaved. During the next few days you and your dog will be moving around a lot of people and other animals, so make sure to have a good leash with you.

Even if your dog doesn't normally wear a collar. You can keep a collar handy or you can get a leash designed for dogs not wearing collars. It is some times called a Vets Leash.

Crate and Bedding

A crate is very helpful if you dog doesn't like riding in your vehicle. Also with their bedding and a few toys in side, a familiar scent will help keep your dog relaxed and able to sleep.

Jacksonville Humane Society

Jacksonville Humane SocietyThe Jacksonville Humane Society encourages each resident to have a plan in place in the event that you and your pet have to evacuate your home because of a storm.

It is time for evacuation plans for people and pets. Over 60 percent of American households have a pet. After Hurricane Katrina, 61 percent of pet owners said they would refuse to evacuate ahead of a disaster if they could not take their pets. Hurricane Katrina has spotlighted the importance of the pet issue in a way no other disaster has.

Florida Pet Friendly Emergency Shelters

Pet Friendly Hurricane Shelters In FloridaFlorida emergency shelters where you can stay with your pet if you must evacuate from your home during hurricanes, wildfires or other disasters. Pet Friendly Shelters By County.

Protect Your Pets from Natural Disasters

Natural disasters affect thousands of people from all regions of the United States. Certain regions experience several types of disasters, which can paralyze entire communities indefinitely until the recovery process begins. (click for more information)